2023 Asean Steel Demand Forecast

    2023 ASEAN Steel Demand Forecast Event

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    Event Name

    2023 ASEAN Steel Demand Forecast Event

    Event Venue

    Online via Zoom Webinar

    Event Date

    24 Aug 2023 – 24 Aug 2023

    About this event

    Before the Event:

    Over the last [30] years, the SEAISI Statistical and Economics Committee (STECO) has published the only set of ASEAN Steel Industry statistics verified by the representatives of the ASEAN Steel Industry Associations in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam (ASEAN-6 countries). Since then, STECO has carried out many workshops to collect, analyse, verify and discuss the trends of steel demand in ASEAN-6 countries.

    Given the limitation of information within the country, the effort to collect all historical steel demand, share of steel usage in each of key steel consuming sectors and forecast of steel consuming sectors is not easy. However, STECO has been building capability on forecasting demand and is now ready to present their findings to SEAISI members in the 2023 SEAISI Steel Demand Forecast Event, which will include invited experts from steel consuming sectors to provide industry views and feedback on the findings and to share their thoughts on steel demand.

    Why you should attend?

    The only opportunity for you to meet Steel Experts and Steel Consuming Experts at the same time!

    Listen to the most in-depth information about steel demand and supply in ASEAN-6 with additional findings of short-term steel demand forecast. What is the updated steel demand and supply in each ASEAN-6 country? Which sectors are important markets for steel industry in each ASEAN-6 country? How much each sector uses steel each year? What are the trends in each sector? How much steel is expected to be used in the next few years?

    The event will also include the expanded and improved SEAISI ASEAN Country Reports and Steel Demand Forecasts.  The SEAISI ASEAN Country Reports are highly sought after by Industry Analysts to understand the trends in the ASEAN Steel Industry. You will see both quantitative and qualitative information analyzed by experts in steel industry in each ASEAN-6 country!

    • Review of the Iron & Steel Industry Performance in 2022
    • Economic Updates and Outlook
    • Key Factors affecting Economy and Forecast
    • Key Steel Consuming Sectors and Forecast
    • Share of Steel Consuming Sector to the Steel Demand
    • Short Term Forecast for Steel Demand in 2023-2024 in each ASEAN-6 Countries

    The EVENT will be held online on 24 August 2023 at 14:30-17:30hr Malaysia Time. 

    Contact No: +603 5519 1102